A Straighter Smile With Invisalign

Invisalign orthodontics from your dentist in St. Louis, MO, can improve your smile.

You want a straight smile. After all, a straight smile looks better, and it enhances your appearance. A straight smile boosts your self-confidence, helps you chew better, and cuts down on jaw and teeth stress.

Wouldn’t it be nice if straightening your smile was quick, easy, and comfortable? Well, now it is, thanks to Invisalign! Dr. Kyle Whitson of Concord Dental Group in St. Louis, MO, offers a wide range of dental services, including Invisalign orthodontics to improve your smile.

Invisalign doesn’t use conventional brackets and wires. Instead, Invisalign uses clear plastic appliances, known as aligners. The aligners offer amazing benefits like these:

  • Comfort; Invisalign aligners are smooth plastic, so there are no sharp parts to irritate your gums, cheeks, or tongue.
  • Invisibility; Invisalign aligners are clear, so they are nearly invisible to people around you.
  • Convenience; Invisalign aligners can be removed so you can eat and enjoy the foods you love.
  • Great oral health; Invisalign aligners can be removed so you can brush and floss your teeth normally, making it easy to maintain a beautiful smile.

Invisalign treatment begins with your first set of aligners, which you will wear for two weeks. You keep moving on to a new set of aligners every two weeks, while your teeth gradually move into position.

You will need to visit Dr. Whitson every few weeks so he can monitor your progress. Invisalign treatment takes between nine and fifteen months to complete.

Invisalign is perfect for you if you have:

  • An overbite or underbite
  • A crossbite or open bite
  • Spaces between your teeth
  • Overlapped, crowded, or rotated teeth

You deserve a straight, beautiful smile and Invisalign can help you achieve it. To learn more about how Invisalign orthodontics can improve your smile, call Dr. Whitson of Concord Dental Group in St. Louis, MO, at (314) 842-2038 now and get started on your straight smile today!

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