The Benefits of CEREC - Single Visit Crowns

Dental crowns no longer require two trips to Concord Dental Group. In fact, your CEREC single-visit crown will be created while you wait.

Getting a crown used to require a two-step process. During your first visit, your dentist prepared your tooth, then made an impression of your mouth and sent it to a dental laboratory. During the next several weeks, you wore a temporary crown while you waited for your permanent restoration to be completed.

Thanks to CEREC single-visit technology, many crowns can now be made in the office. After your dentist prepares your tooth and designs your crown, he sends it to an in-office machine that acts as a sort of crown printer. The machine removes layers from a block of ceramic or resin to create an attractive crown that fits your tooth perfectly.

In addition to saving you time, CEREC crowns offer several other benefits, including:

  • Comfortable Impression Process: Putty impressions can be uncomfortable for some people, particularly those with a strong gag reflex. With the CEREC system, your impression will only take a short time with the digital scanner. Best of all, digital scans don't require any putty.
  • No More Temporary Crowns: Since you'll leave the office with your permanent restoration, there's no need for a temporary crown.
  • Durable, Attractive Restoration: Ceramic and resin are tough enough to withstand years of chewing and closely resemble tooth enamel. Your crown is made from an impression of your mouth to ensure that it feels and looks natural.
  • Quick Resolution of Fit Problems: Most crowns only require a few tweaks to fit perfectly. In the unlikely event that your crown didn't fit well, you wouldn't have to wait another two weeks for a replacement crown. Your dentist would make a few changes to the crown design and print another crown immediately.

Enhance your smile with CEREC single-visit crowns. Call your dentist, Dr. Kyle Whitson of Concord Dental Group, at (314) 842-2038 to schedule an appointment.

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